Monday, March 1, 2010

Face It: College is the new high school

What did you expect? Washington DC politicians wanted everyone to have a college degree. Now everyone has one. It's called education inflation. The more degrees that are out there being used to pump up resumes, the less value they have. More degrees are competing for the same (or shrinking) number of jobs available. That would make grad school the new undergrad, then, right? Not quite, as this is even happening with graduate degrees.

See the job ad below:
Program Coordinator/Site Director Position
[Deleted] is seeking a full time Program Coordinator/Site Director to manage its after school program at [Deleted]. This program operates daily and uses non traditional sports as a vehicle to enhance academic and leadership skills in youth k-8. The Program Coordinator will be responsible for the day-to-day management of the program including recruitment, training,and on-going support of staff, parents and volunteers; as well as data collection and record keeping of the participants and their activities and maintaining partnerships with community organizations.

Minimum BS degree in education,sports management,recreation and/or related field - Master's preferred
Minimum of 4 years of experience managing an after school or in school program serving minority youth.
Evidence of sport participation
Excellent writing and oral communication skills

Salary - $30,000- $37,000 depending on qualifications

[Deleted] is an equal opportinity [sic] employer

Would YOU spend tens of thousands of dollars for a master's degree that will earn you $30-37k?

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  1. Pop goes the education bubble! When will American wake up to the reality that college and grad school are major rackets and ripoffs?