Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Jobless Juris Debtor? Harass Americans for $10/hr!

Can't Get a Job After Law School? Try the Census Bureau

In short, this is another suggestion for the countless, penniless law school victims. How should you pay your student loans? Well, why not harass neighbors on behalf of the US Government? It's kind of like door to door sales, except the customer receives no benefit from you and is already being taxed to pay you.

The article uses an example of a laid-off attorney turned professional harasser to illustrate how bad the legal market sucks. This attorney is now making $21.50/hr, which is on the high end for census harassers. It also points out how the government benefits from the unemployed talent pool (which its own policies have created).

The most disturbing part of this piece, however, is that random writers with no apparent connection to the legal field are now taking the role of law school career counselors. A sign of the times indeed.

Law school applicants, take heed.

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  1. I often wonder how many articles dealing with law school and lawyers are just flat out paid for by the law school industry